Taoyuan City's Lifelong Learning Center's Showcase and Summer Campaign: A Success Story

Photo: Provided by Taoyuan City China Youth Corps Lifelong Learning Center
Photo: Provided by Taoyuan City China Youth Corps Lifelong Learning Center

On June 1, the Taoyuan City Youth Corps Lifelong Learning Center held its student achievement showcase and summer marketing event at the South District Youth Activity Center. In her speech, Yu Guoping, the Secretary-General of Taoyuan City Youth Corps, expressed gratitude to all participants whose dedication made the event extraordinary. She highlighted that the combined efforts of the professional performances by teachers and students, the enthusiastic audience interaction, and the hardworking staff behind the scenes led to the event's outstanding success.

This showcase brought together teachers and students from the Taoyuan City Youth Corps, demonstrating the essence of "one minute on stage, ten years off stage" through their impressive performances. Performers underwent intensive training and rehearsals before the event to present their best to the audience. The audience's enthusiastic response boosted the performers' confidence, making them shine like superstars. The event kicked off with a children's electronic piano performance that captivated the audience. Following this, the children's dance performance showcased professional moves, surprising many parents. Interactive quiz sessions during the intermission added to the engagement, and the diverse MV class performances kept the atmosphere lively and exciting.

In addition to the performances, the event featured various course experience booths set up by professional teachers in the main hall. These booths allowed participants to experience different courses firsthand. Teachers provided face-to-face guidance, helping participants grasp the essence of the courses quickly. Whether it was the "Handmade Bath Bomb Experience" or "Nail Art Painting," each booth attracted large crowds, creating a vibrant scene. With summer approaching, the Taoyuan City Youth Corps has prepared an excellent learning environment for children. Special discounts were offered during the showcase, making parents feel it was a great deal. The Taoyuan City Youth Corps is ready with affordable and enriching summer camps, welcoming children to join. This summer, come and explore diverse learning activities with the Youth Corps, adding lively and interesting interactions! For more information on courses and registration, please contact the Taoyuan Center at 03-3332153, Zhongli Center at 03-4250492, Nankan Center at 03-2129313, Arts and Culture Center at 03-3164222, or the South District Youth Activity Center at 03-4915168. Join the lifelong learning journey now and let the Taoyuan City Lifelong Learning Center grow with you!

Photo: Provided by Taoyuan City China Youth Corps Lifelong Learning Center

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