Quintuple stimulus vouchers

The Executive Yuan launched Quintuple stimulus vouchers to boost domestic consumption. This year, the public do not have to pay $1,000 in advance and can directly receive a $5,000 worth of vouchers. Starting from 10/8, you can use them for consumption. Besides Taiwan citizens, foreigners with valid residence permits, spouses from mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau, and foreigners holding permanent alien resident certificates are eligible for the vouchers as well! How to apply for the vouchers? How to use them? Let's take a look at this lazy guide!


Who are eligible for the Quintuple stimulus vouchers?

Quintuple stimulus vouchers are issued to the public who do not have to pay $1000 in advance. The voucher eligibility criteria are as follows.

  • Taiwan citizens with no age limit.
  • Born before (on) the date of 30 April 2022.
  • Foreign spouses holding residence permits.
  • Foreigners holding permanent residence.

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How to collect the vouchers

The four major convenient stores in Taiwan collaborates with the government for this Quintuple stimulus vouchers policy. Convenient stores are the main locations for digital binding, booking, and receipt of paper Quintuple stimulus vouchers.

This time, the Quintuple stimulus vouchers are classified as two types: "digital" and "paper". New immigrants who are eligible for the vouchers (foreign spouses, permanent residents, and diplomats) should quickly grasp the reservation. "Taiwan Immigrants’ Global News Network" compiles 4 major convenient stores, including: 7-ELEVEN, Family Mart, Hi-Life , OK convenient stores and operating procedures for readers' reference.

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National Health Insurance card digital binding

A new system of "household binding" were introduced for The Quintuple stimulus vouchers. One person can help up to 4 people to collect on behalf of them. There is no requirement to have the same account number, and only the certificate of the co-binding person is required. Those who collect paper copies on their behalf must bring their health insurance card or ID card to the convenient stores or post office to collect them; for digitally bound accounts, the maximum limit of one account can bind is 5 digital coupons, which can be done by inserting the health insurance card through the card reader or the convenient stores machines for the binding.

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The Quintuple stimulus vouchers co-binding.

To encourage people to use more digital tools, a joint binding function has been added this year. There are no restrictions on family members, the elders, children who do not use digital tools at home, or family members who work abroad and they can be bound together to accumulate five times the voucher limit of five thousand yuan to the master. It can be used on a person’s credit card, e-ticket or mobile payment and other digital tools. Up to one main card can be used to bind four people together.


The paper Quintuple stimulus vouchers collection

Reservations can be made through the official website of the The Quintuple stimulus vouchers五倍券官網, the convenient stores, and the website and telephone of Chunghwa Post.


The Quintuple stimulus vouchers website五倍券官網: start booking on the website on September 22, and take your health insurance card to the designated channel to collect it on October 8th (four major convenient stores, PX Mart, Cosmed, Watson, Simple Life).


Conveneint store business machine:

The first batch: start booking from September 25th to October 1st, and collect from October 8th to October 21st to the original supermarket

The second batch: October 25th to October 31st to start booking, November 8th to November 21st to the original supermarket to collect.

Chunghwa Post website中華郵政網頁, phone appointment: start booking on October 4th, and collect your ID card at the post office on October 12th; if you want to collect it after November 1st, you don't need to make an appointment, and you can collect the coupon directly at the counter.

The Quintuple stimulus vouchers application

Applicable for: for all physical stores, vendors and domestic specific e-commerce companies nationwide.


Not applicable: payment of taxes, payment of fines, labor insurance premiums, health insurance premiums, stocks, national pensions, credit card fees, tobacco products, gift certificates, stored value and overseas e-commerce websites, etc.


For questions about the Quintuple stimulus vouchers, please contact 1988, or the official website振興五倍劵官網. The consultation service hotline for outsiders to Taiwan to live in 0800-024-111 (In Chinese, English, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indian, Thai, Cambodian)

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